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Modern Warfare 2 single player demo hits PSN and Xbox LIVE

August 15th, 2010

Though late, Activision released a single player demo for Modern Warfare 2 on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Marketplace.
modern warfare 2
With this new demo of the game, gamers will be able to play the most recognized levels in MW2, Cliffhanger.

Players can start playing on a snowy cliff face, they dig out enemies in treacherous conditions, also get spotted and need to race for survival on snow under heavy enemy fire.

Many fans waited for about a year for the arrival of the demo to make up their mind to purchase it or not.

Now, the day has arrived to decide whether to buy it or not.

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PSN busy with Resurgence map pack this week

July 15th, 2010

On the PlayStation Network it was another busy week. It was mainly due to the prominent digital release of $15 Resurgence map pack of Modern Warfare 2. This map pack was released on the Xbox Live a month ago. It features 5 maps. Three of the maps are brand new and the remaining two are the recycled one from the original Modern Warfare.

The maps are Fuel, Trailer Park, Carnival, Strike and Vacant. The details of each are as given below:

It is an oil refinery site and also the largest in Modern Warfare 2 till date.

Trailer Park
It is just like the Fuel map, located around a variety of motor homes and picnic tables.

It is on abandoned fairgrounds. In it the rides and attractions are left to rust. Gamers will see here themed areas that range from futuristic to medieval. One can use castles and rocket ships type of landmarks to coordinate their efforts.

It features Mideast setting and contains some of the reasonably frantic urban combat.

This map is set in an abandoned Russian office complex. The popularity of this map peaked in the original Modern Warfare.

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