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Modern Warfare 2 sales crosses 20 million mark

June 15th, 2010

One more milestone for Modern Warfare 2. Its sales crossed 20 million units worldwide. Speaking at the E3 investor conference, Thomas Tippl, CFO of Activision, said: “Modern Warfare 2 has sold more than 20m units against an install base of 55m on Xbox 360 and PS3.”
modern warfare2
20 million copies? Woah.

Now Modern Warfare 2 is very close to some of the best-selling games of all-time. Those are:

New Super Mario Bros – 22,490,000

Nintendogs – 23,260,000

Mario Kart Wii – 22,550,000

Wii Play – 27,380,000

Wii Fit – 22,610,000

Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick said on the occasion that CoD franchise has “reached life-to-date revenues of $3bn.”

We also know that this Infinity Ward developed title had the biggest opening week of all time. Guinness Book of world Records labeled it as “The Most Successful Entertainment Launch of All Time.”

Let us wait and watch what Call of Duty: Black Ops does.

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2.5 million downloads of “Stimulus Package” in 9 days

April 11th, 2010

The first success of Modern Warfare 2, released on November 14 last year, was that it sold astonishing 14 million copies across the world till date. Well, most of us knows this. Here comes one more milestone of this modern military shooter. The “Stimulus Package” map pack has been downloaded 1 million times in its first 24 hours of its availability nine days before. Till now it has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times. Isn’t that too great?
modern warfare 2
Released by Activision and time-exclusive to the Xbox 360, the map pack is price tagged $15. It adds five multiplayer maps to MW2.

For the PS3 version owners the “Stimulus Package” will be made available April 30 onwards and we hope that on PlayStation Network also it sets a record. What you all say? Surely will agree with me. Put your comments.

Let us talk about lucrative. At $15 a pop, Modern Warfare 2 garnered a sales of $37.5 million and it is estimated that out of it about $26 million went to Activision.

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Exclusive Modern Warfare 2 DLC coming on Xbox 360 this Spring

February 13th, 2010

Microsoft made an interesting announcement in San Francisco while re-launching the X series of events for Xbox 360 home gaming platform. The software giant said that it is partnering up with Infinity Ward and also with Activision Blizzard to deliver Modern Warfare 2′s exclusive piece of downloadable content during spring.
However, the company refused quote any clear date. This means that the work is still ongoing on the DLC and any further details will be delivered in a few months.

It seems that Microsoft is having a long run strategy of securing and and also delivering exclusive DLC for high profile cross platform releases such as the Modern Warfare 2 and GTA IV.

The spring bouquet will probably be consisting new maps for the multiplayer component. This is in fact the most enduring element of the experience as time passes by. It may also be for a fresh game mode.

Gamers who have purchased MW2 on PS3 or on the PC may also be getting the exclusive content after a few months. The same happened earlier with The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony that were initially made exclusive to the Xbox 360, but now both are available cross platform.

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30 days later DLC coming to PS3

January 21st, 2010

It is quite unfortunate for the owners of PlayStation 3. The brand Modern Warfare has become synonymous with the Microsoft’s Xbox 360 for past few years. Now after Modern Warfare 2’s release, this relationship has been cemented.
Developer Activision has worked with the Microsoft in creating a hardware bundle for XBox 360 with its game. They also announced it at the E3 last year that the DLC would his the Xbox 360 first.

Now, at last, the window of exclusivety has been numbered.

Microsoft representative while speaking to the media recently made it clear that the DLC would have a month headstart on the Xbox 360.

He said, “We have a 30-day timed exclusive on the Modern Warfare content packs. So it will be available on other platforms, but you get to try and play on Xbox 360 first.”

Still the DLC has not been dated for any platform till now, even though the earlier CoD titles are representative of the pattern. They will be hitting by the next few months.

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$10 hike; Modern Warfare 2 costs $60 for PC

October 17th, 2009

modern-warfare2-amazon-pcversion$10 price hike on Modern Warfare 2 PC version Activision has again done what they think in pricing. This time it is for the PC version. The normal PC game RRP of $50 has been replaced. Modern Warfare 2 will cost $60 on PC.

The main advantage for PC gamers is that the games cost less than the PS3 or Xbox 360 version. It costs at least $10 or £10 in the US and UK market respectively. This time it is not the same story. as well as the GameStop has listed their PC version for $60. This means Activision is again charging more cash for a game.

Earlier we had seen that the Call of Duty series had too many piracies on PC. This time how the situation will help Activision is unknown. The price hike gives opportunistic situations to piracy in fact.

Well, one thing is sure. Raising the prices of videogames and consoles instead of dropping them is really becoming a disturbing trend.

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Monster energy drink reveals MW2 DLC release

October 1st, 2009

MW2 DLC coming in spring 2010. Activision hinted. It is on a tie-in energy drink.

Activision has struck a deal with the Monster energy drinks to launch branded caffeine juice. The can will carry a competition and the prize will be Modern Warfare 2 map pack.

According to claims of the competition, there will be 5000 MW2 map packs that will be given away and the expected date of the release is not exactly confirmed but it may be sometimes in Spring 2010.

Apart from MW2 map packs as a prize, other prizes include dashboard themes, copies of MW2 for Xbox 360 and PS3, and of course free drinks.


Monster Energy will start the selling of this branded drinks called (may be) “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Energy Power Maxxtreme 2″ later this month in the US. Boxes of six and four will be available. Fans buying box of six can get an involvement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Combat Training Experience, which is an online event hosted by Infinity Ward.

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Prestige Edition on Xbox 360 sold out

September 27th, 2009

xbox-360-prestige-editionThe advanced sales of Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition on Xbox 360 has been sold out at a U.S. retailer. On Friday gave this status. Earlier the Prestige Edition SKU for PS3 was also sold out.

There is a strong demand for the premium SKU.

The Prestige Edition was tagged at $149.99 that included fully-functional Night Vision Goggles.

The Xbox 360 250GB Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition SKU was announced by Microsoft this month. It was tagged at $399.99.

The price tag of Modern Warfare 2 in a stand-alone SKU is $59.99 and the Hardened Edition is $79.99.

With the purchase of Xbox 360 Elite this week Microsoft has also announced a new $50 mail-in rebate offer.

Between September 22 and October 5 U.S. consumers who purchases Xbox 360 Elite are eligible for an offer of $50 limited-time rebate.

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Mad Catz to launch full range of licensed MW2 accessories

September 7th, 2009

A full range of licensed Modern Warfare 2 accessories has been released by Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. It has been released for the Xbox 360, PS3 and also for the PC version. It is expected to be shipped across North America and the key European territories along with the release of Modern Warfare 2.


These accessories are as mentioned below:

Modern Warfare 2 Combat Controller for Xbox 360
Modern Warfare 2 Throat Communicator for Xbox 360
Modern Warfare 2 Wireless Combat Controller for PS3
Modern Warfare 2 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth Technology for PS3
Modern Warfare 2 Controller Faceplates for both, Xbox 360 as well as for PlayStation 3

Darren Richardson, President and CEO of Mad Catz says, “This new range marks our first full line of licensed PC products launching alongside the console accessories… The Saitek and Cyborg names are brands respected by PC gamers worldwide and we believe that consumers will respond to these licensed products.”

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Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition for PS3 out of stock on Amazon

September 4th, 2009

The Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition for PS3 has been sold out on Amazon. No more your $149.99 can buy the prestige edition of the game for PlayStation3.


Hold on… the Xbox 360 version is still in stock. But it may also exhaust soon. So, hurry up! And… of course you can say it in this way that it is a victory for Sony. It is doubtless that the PlayStation3 version of the games’ prestige edition is the superior alternative and also it is more popular worldwide.

By the way, how many of you have bought this version. Share your views here. Oh yes, there were good comments on the Flag Runner trailer post and also on the post containing new details of the game.

Continue reading and continue giving your valuable comments.

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Competitors say MW2 will be successful

August 5th, 2009

Even the competitor now says that Modern Warfare 2 will be a great success. Ashley Cheng, the production director of Bethesda Game Studios (a pretty big video game developer and publisher) admitted on his blog that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 would blow away its competition.


He said this while expressing his view on the holiday season of this year when lots of high-quality titles will be coming to the market around the world.

He said, “Not much coming out, in regards to AAA hardcore gamer’s games to stand up to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, other than Halo: ODST. Assassin’s Creed 2, Uncharted 2, Mass Effect 2, Brutal Legend and Dragon Age are the other AAA that look like they will ship this year. The new Forza looks good, too.”

He also mentioned that Modern Warfare 2 will become the best selling on Xbox 360 or PS3. He also said that many big guns are late to release that is why MW2 is practically guaranteed to be very successful.

Readers and also those who regularly comments, put down your views on what Ashley Cheng said.

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