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Play MW2 for free this weekend

April 8th, 2010

Great news for all the fans of Modern Warfare 2. There is something for free in store for all of you. Yes, you heard it right, FREE.
If any of you have not played Modern Warfare 2 till now on the PC then here’s a very good chance to play it absolutely free.

This offer is only for the multiplayer component of Modern Warfare 2 and it is limited to only this weekend. So, don’t delay. Pre-load the game right now. In this way you will be ready to kill it when it’s available this Thursday at 4 PM PDT.

One more thing. Don’t worry if you have not been able to play the SP campaign. Anyway, the multiplayer is infinitely better.

This offer of free playing is taking place on steam. It will provide players an online experience packed with new improvements and also new perks.

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Comprehensive list of weapons

November 3rd, 2009

The below is a comprehensive list of weapons, equipments, attachments, perks and camos of Modern Warfare 2. This may be a complete list of all important unlocks in the multiplayer.

The perks are now improved such as unlocking the camo for your weapons in the CoD4 game. Moreover, many perks here have 2 levels.

Primary Weapons

Assault Rifles
• M4A1 (default)
• FAMAS (lvl 4)
• SCAR-H (lvl 8)
• TAR-21 (lvl 20)
• FAL (lvl 28)
• M16A4 (lvl 40)
• ACR (lvl 48)
• F2000 (lvl 60)
• AK-47 (lvl 70)

Sub-Machine Guns
• MP5K (default)
• UMP45 (default)
• Vector (lvl 12)
• P90 (lvl 24)
• Mini-Uzi (lvl 44)

Light Machine Guns
• L86 LSW (beginning)
• RPD (beginning)
• MG4 (lvl 16)
• AUG HBAR (lvl 32)
• M240 (lvl 52)

Sniper Rifles
• Intervention (beginning)
• Barret .50cal (beginning)
• WA2000 (lvl 36)
• M21EBR (lvl 56)

Riot Shield (default)

Secondary Weapons

Machine Pistols
• PP2000 (default)
• G18 (lvl 22)
• M93 Raffica (lvl 38)
• TMP (lvl 58)

• SPAS-12 (default)
• AA-12 (lvl 18)
• Striker (lvl 34)
• Ranger (lvl 42)
• M1014 (lvl 54)
• Model 1887 (lvl 67)

• USP .45 (default)
• .44 Magnum (lvl 26)
• M9 (lvl 46)
• Desert Eagle (lvl 62)

• AT4-HS (default)
• Thumper x 2 (lvl 14)
• Stinger (lvl 30)
• Javelin (lvl 50)
• RPG-7 x 2 (lvl 65)

• Frag (default)
• Semtex (default)
• Throwing Knife (lvl 7)
• Tactical Insertion (lvl 11)
• Blast Shield (lvl 19)
• Claymore (lvl 31)
• C4 (lvl 43)

• Grenade Launcher
• Red Dot Sight
• Silencer
• ACOG Scope
• Shotgun
• Holographic Sight
• Heartbeat Sensor
• Thermal
• Extended Mag

Special Grenades
• Flash Grenade x 2
• Stun Grenade x 2
• Smoke Grenade x 1

• Copycat (default)
• Painkiller (lvl 6)
• Martyrdom (lvl 27)
• Final Stand (lvl 39)


Perk 1
• Marathon (default)
• Sleight of Hand (default)
• Scavenger (lvl 13)
• Bling (lvl 21)
• One Man Army (lvl 45)

Perk 2
• Stopping Power (default)
• Lightweight (default)
• Hardline (lvl 9)
• Cold Blooded (lvl 25)
• Danger Close (lvl 33)

Perk 3
• Steady Aim (default)
• Scrambler (lvl 17)
• Ninja (lvl 29)
• SitRep (lvl 37)
• Last Stand (lvl 41)

• Desert
• Artic
• Woodland
• Digital
• Urban
• Blue Tiger
• Red Tiger
• Fall

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No local matchmaking for Modern Warfare 2 confirms Bowling

September 29th, 2009

Modern_Warfare_2_There will be no option to allow players to search multiplayer games within the same region or same country. This has been confirmed by Infinity Ward after several requests by international players in improving lag in the game.

Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist of Infinity Ward, posted on Twitter saying, “There isn’t an option to search specific regions/ countries when matchmaking, but there is improved matchmaking to auto-assist.” He writes further that the improved matchmaking system will be automatically connecting players to games that best suits for their connection.

When Robert Bowling asked whether local matchmaking in a later patch could be added, then he said that it was a possibility. He wrote, “We’ll monitor community feedback closely post launch to see if the improved matchmaking benefits international users or not.”

There was also a large thread generated in the Infinity Ward forums by a New Zealand user. He described his playing experience there in the previous series of the game against North American players.

He wrote: “You encounter an enemy, you shoot at him with enough rounds for a kill with your AK or your sniper rifle and the ‘X’ damage indicator comes up. But for some reason you die and he does not. You watch the killcam to see why you died, and apparently you didn’t even fire off a shot. You just got killed by lag.”

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You can’t shoot with riot shield out

September 23rd, 2009

modernwarfare2There were few important interviews of Infinity Ward last week in Los Angeles at the Modern Warfare 2 event. Some more information has been detailed on the game’s multiplayer. Items such as the riot shield were more talked about and assurances about martyrdom were also given by Infinity Ward.

In fact one of the most visible additions to the game’s multiplayer is the riot shield and it allows the players to completely block enemy fire. A good reason has been given by Infinity Ward behind this item and it has been also assured that it won’t break the game.

Todd Alderman, the multiplayer design lead said, “There is even something in there for people that can’t shoot…You get the riot shield and your job is to help your team.”

Fans of Modern Warfare 2 are worried about the riot shield that it may unbalance the game.

Infinity Ward says that the shield will only act as a primary weapon. With it players will be able to hold it with pistols. To it Alderman said, “So when you have the riot shield out, you can’t shoot. All you are doing is blocking.”

Well, there has been no word found in the interview on how this might be affected by a return of the overkill perk from CoD4 that allow the players to carry two primary weapons at once.

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“Co-op” is no more for two players

July 7th, 2009

In gaming industry “co-op” by default meant two players. Now there is a different story. Things have changed now in multiplayer gaming world. The terminology now is not different.


Infinity Ward even today believes that two players is the sweet spot for cooperative-based gameplay. Recently in an interview the director of communications of the studio, Robert Bowling said that there will be a definite change in the co-op concepts between last year’s CoD:WaW and and the MW2 that is going to be released this November. He further added that in Treyarch’s effort they can participate in four-player campaign co-op, but the new sequel of the Infinity Ward will not be featuring a campaign co-op mode at all.

He also said that in fact there will be something entirely new i.e. a two-player, specially designed Special Ops mode. He mentioned that it is “designed to be replayed over and over again.”

Let me quote Bowling: “Two player seemed to be the magic number for co-op. That’s when it stayed really fun and intense without becoming a clusterf**k of things. We just found that two-players was the most fun.”

Whatever may be happening due to too many people trying to work together in a game. What we expect is great things from the developer.

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Gold membership necessary to play MW2 on Xbox Live

July 1st, 2009

There were many interesting comments on the previous article about the questions of fans answered by the Editor of Modern Warfare 2. One of the comments also asked for more questions that were answered. Here are few of them.


One of the readers of Game Informer asked that will Infinity Ward make playing multiplayer free. He said that he have an Xbox 360 and he is yet to get a Gold membership. To this the Editor replied that Gold membership is necessary to play over Xbox Live as it is with other games. He added that Infinity Ward has always denied the rumors that there will be additional fees to play Modern Warfare 2.

One more interesting question was that will the dismemberment be similar to Call of duty World at War or not. The reply came that similar level of violence is expected to what is present in Infinity Ward’s last game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
Somebody even asked whether the Modern Warfare 2 campaign be played with two players. It is not. It is only a single-player game was the reply.

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New screenshot, new location, Afghanistan

June 21st, 2009

One more screenshot has arrived of Modern Warfare 2. It reveals a new location in the series. This time it is of Afghanistan.

This screenshot was made available on a German website Cynamite by Activision. The filename of this screenshot was quoted as “Afghan Ciffside.”

As of now it is not clear that how the location fits in the Modern Warfare storyline. It is presently also not known if the screenshot is of single player gameplay or else it is a multiplayer map introduction screen.


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