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Activision CEO says 35 execs resigned and it is disappointing

May 13th, 2010

Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision, acknowledged during the quarterly earnings call of the company that since top two executives were dismissed, Infinity Ward has seen 35 employees quitting their job.
Activision CEO says 35 execs resigned and it is disappointing
He says the resigning of so many executives have “obviously disappointed” the publisher. He also said that he expects more will be leaving the troubled studio.

Well, Kotick still stands with the decision of Activision to remove the two executives in March, Jason West and Vince Zampella. He said, “We felt that we had no choice.”

He said further that the studio “remains an important part” of its future plans for the CoD franchise and will also continue to support the remaining employees of the company.

West and Zampella, after their dismissal, sued the publisher. They claimed that they were owed royalty payments in MW2 sales.

Activision counter-suit the two for breach of contract. It claimed that both the executives secretly flew to Northern California for meeting the closest competitor of Activision. However, Acitivision did not mentioned the name of the competitor. Well, the largest publisher in the region is Electronic Arts.

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Lead designers of Modern Warfare 2 Quits

April 15th, 2010

The two lead designers of MW2, Steve Fukuda and Zied Rieke, are set to quit the studio.
Lead designers of Modern Warfare 2 Quits
Earlier it was reported that Modern Warfare 2 studio has fired the directors Jason West and studio head Vince Zampella. The exit of the two lead designers now leaves Infinity Ward inundated. The developer may have to do a lot of work to fill up the vacancies.

The list of resignations does not stops here. The multiplayer lead designers Todd Aldermann and Mackey McCandlish also tabled their resignations.

Report also comes that Rayme Vinson and Chris Cherubini have left for good.

All these resignations no doubt says that there has been a major withdrawal of talent.

The news does not ends here. It is reported that another set of departures are also there, which includes software engineer lead Francesco Gigliotti, Bruce Ferriz and programmer Jon Shiring. All of them were posted at high levels in the company.

To avoid all these resignations, the company also had decided earlier to provide bonuses to the contributors of the game, but this step did not support to retain the employees.

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Activision countersues former studio heads

April 10th, 2010

Recently two of the former studio heads were fired for insubordination apart from also trying to poach Activision’s key employees according to the allegations filed in court by the gaming giant.
TEC Activision Lawsuit
On Thursday Activision countersued former Jason West and Vince Zampella, Infinity Ward executives, who had earlier sued the company for over $36 million. According to West and Zampella’s lawsuit, the former studio heads were fired and hence they should not be getting hefty royalties for their work on the franchise of “Call of Duty”.

The filing done by Activision in fact seeks of showing that the firing of those were justified and the company also claims that the men met with a key gaming rival and this is violations of employment contract.

According to breach of contract, the two former studio heads, West and Zampella, held up further developments on other CoD games in the series in order to gain more money. Activison is also seeking for withholding their additional payments.

However, Robert M. Schwartz, the attorney of West and Zampella, had called the countersuit’s claims as “false and outrageous.”

In a statement Schwartz said, “None of the false claims of insubordination or breach of duties had any negative affect on Activision — none… Modern Warfare 2 has been the world’s most successful video game.”

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Lawsuit for Activision

March 7th, 2010

When the two top executives of Activision, who were responsible for the success of Modern Warfare 2 that helped in generating $1 Billion, were expelled by the Company last Monday, everybody was expecting a lawsuit. As predicted, the suit came on Wednesday, and it could have repercussion for publisher and contestants.

Jason West and Vince Zampella are in a process of suing Activision for unfair decision and looking for $36 Million.

They also declare that, no such game with name of Modern Warfare cab be published without their written permission.

In reply, Activision has called the suit meritless and consider itself right in dismissing West and Zampella due to their misconduct and behavior and announced that it will keep on releasing thrilling and inventive game.

But if West and Zampella proved themselves right, they are going to put Activision’s most precious franchise in danger.

Call of Duty holds over $3 Billion sale till date and Modern warfare has been pronounced the top selling game of 2009.

Even Activision keeps hold of game, there is always a danger that the development team of infinity ward might join West and Zampella in new project.

The matter will be settled amongst the Company executives they will be beneficial in terms of money for West and Zarnpella

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Enemies will no more constantly respawn in MW2

May 21st, 2009

In Modern Warfare 2 fighting with terrorists is much easier than the original Modern Warfare. In it, enemies will no more constantly respawn as they had been doing in previous version of Call of Duty games.


We have seen in Call of Duty games that a constant stream of enemies would spawn and attack gamer character until he/she advanced or completed an objective. To this feature of the game, gamers always had mixed reactions.

Contrary to this, it also keeps the fight frantic and forces gamers to constantly be on the offensive. Moreover, to have enemy after enemy spilling out of a little hut is very artificial.

Recently the CCO of Infinity Ward, Jason West said, “We are aware of it and we’re actively trying to eliminate it.” He added further while briefing to Game Informer, “I think we agree that it’s not very good.”
It is many a time said earlier that MW2 will not be like its predecessor Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Even it will not bear the Call of Duty name. Now, if the spawn system is eliminated then it seems like it will distance Modern Warfare 2 from other COD series.

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MW2 will have lot of variety says Jason West

May 17th, 2009

News comes that MW2 will be featuring wide open gameplay that will have a lot of variety in it. This statement comes from Jason West, the President of Infinity Ward through an extensive ten-page feature in the Game Informer, US magazine. The feature article of the magazine also reveals some more key new details regarding the hotly-anticipated Modern Warfare 2.


It says that the plot of the game is set to a backdrop of continued Russian Federation instability. But it will make gamers flung from Siberia to Afghanistan and also through the slums of Rio De Janeiro.
The expectations of the game: chases on snowmobiles, a single-player experience which takes a bit longer to complete than the original Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward is actively trying to eliminate the endless respawning enemies which caused problems for sneakier players in the original Modern Warfare. There are also riot shields, movable turrets, customisable weapons, and of course more acrobatic player movements (now one can swim and even climb ice ledges), and a fully separate co-op mode that features its own levels.

Meanwhile, we covered a story about what gamers want in MW2 recently and we received good comments from readers and gamers. Keep on commenting on the article What gamers want of Modern Warfare 2

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Game Informer offers new details on MW2

May 15th, 2009

A video teaser of MW2, we have all seen. Now the latest issue of one of the top gaming magazines, Game Informer, offers new details on Modern Warfare 2. For gamers and all the Fans of the first Modern Warfare will be happy to know that one of its major characters, Sergeant John “Soap” MacTavish, returns in this new much awaited game as the captain of an international group called Task Force 141. But this time he will be an NPC.


Game Informer also adds in the information that the sequel “continues the narrative begun in Modern Warfare, with the world facing dangerous political instability in Russia.” In the game, a terrorist group plans to use political turmoil of Russia to their advantage in order to secure the troubled empire’s weapon stockpiles.

Another character, Makarov, who is the leader of the terrorist group, also happens to be an associate of Zakhaev, the man responsible for the first games’ nuclear attack.

President and CTO of Infinity Ward, Jason West, said earlier that the gameplay is wide open and has a lot of variety. He added more that any good story is on rails.West even estimates that MW2 campaign will be just as lengthy as its predecessor’s.

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