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MW2 is suhhhweeeet & awesomeeee

May 30th, 2009

“I love MW2” says one of the readers after the release of the first full length trailer of the game. One more says, “suhhhhhweeeeeeeeeet.” Not to forget this expression for Modern Warfare 2 – “Awesomeeeeeeeee , can’t wait .” “Looking Nice” and “Looking Good” are the general reactions of readers on this website.

“I never judged a game by trailer. Trailers are all confusingly fast and chaotic so you cannot tell anything about the game. Just check MW1 trailers. Same thing, but game at the end was awesome. I am looking forward for MW2 and I am glad that they kept Call of Duty prefix.” Ah! Lots of reactions and lots of expectations from our readers. Hope Infinity Ward listen to them all.

Let us check out what exactly the fans of MW2 wants from the game when it is released on November 10 this year.

One of the fans said, “Hope the game lets you have more vehicle levels (only in single player). I no there is going to be at least two and at least that was more than COD4 but I would welcome more.”

Upon several complaints about the graphics one of our readers says, “This is a game on its own, the graphics is just fine, anything higher would kill the normal computer. The thing we can expect different in the final version is sounds/gunsounds.”

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First full length trailer released

May 25th, 2009

As Infinity Ward promised to release the trailer on Sunday, they did so. A new two minutes trailer of the game was aired during the NBA Eastern Conference finals on Sunday. The trailer showed some impressive-looking environments. It covered all – land, air and sea. It showed some gruesome knifings that appeared to be an assault on a castle. It was just fantastic.

Whatever we had seen of Modern Warfare 2 earlier was just a tease. The first trailer of MW2 was released during GDC. It practically showed nothing. The second was unveiled earlier this month with only few seconds of game play. Sunday’s trailer seems to confirm the MW2’s US/European special forces vs. rogue Russians storyline that has been carried on from the original Modern Warfare.

This new full length trailer also shows more of the snowmobile sections that was hinted at in the previous trailer. It included a wicked looking takedown of someone gunning at full acceleration on a snowmobile.

The two minutes trailer ends with an attack on what looks like a European castle.

The game is due out for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on November 10 this year.

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Full length MW2 trailer will hit Sunday evening

May 23rd, 2009

The Sunday evening will be a big day for all the gamers. Specially it will be a big day for all the Modern Warfare 2 fans. Yes, make sure to keep your Sunday evening open. Activision will be dropping the first full-lenght Modern Warfare 2 trailer. It will be televised sharp at 5:30 PM Eastern during the NBA Conference Finals on TNT. And yes, this trailer will be an actual trailer of the MW2 and not just another teaser.

Do set all your gadgets recording for 5:30 PM EDT. If you miss it, catch it online a minute later on the official site of Modern Warfare 2.
We will also cover up the full story after the release of the trailer. For your viewing pleasure, we will also have the full-length trailer shortly after the premier of the game on TV. Keep an eye on this site for more information Sunday evening.

The Modern Warfare 2 is due out on November 10, 2009.

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