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More new weapons revealed

September 9th, 2009

At least four new or modified weapons have been confirmed that will appear in Modern Warfare 2. Screenshots on the forum of Infinity Ward confirms this. It has been also reported through ComputerAndVideogames about the multiplayer mode’s custom killstreak.


The details as of now are 2 submachine guns and 2 assault rifles. Three of these four seems to be brand new, which are similar to Call of Duty 4 guns, and one is supposed to be a modified version of a gun from COD4.

Tavor TAR-21 seems to the newest and most unusual-looking gun. Tavor TAR-21 is the latest Israeli-made assault rifle. Confirmation of the gun comes from a single shot of the multiplayer footage, but it there is no confirmation for the campaign or the co-op modes.

FN SCAR-H is the other new assault rifle. Till date it has been confirmed to be in multiplayer.

H&K UMP .45 is the new sub machine gun and it has been confirmed through the screenshots of the multiplayer footage and few campaign cut scenes.

In the game the players will be able to choose rewards from different lengths of killstreaks. Players who can save a 15-kill streak may be able to use the AC-130 gunship from COD4 where as a less experienced gamer might be able to use something smaller, but of course more often.

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New gameplay footage

July 2nd, 2009

Another footage of Modern Warfare 2 has arrived. This mini-video preview will tell more about what gamers are expecting from the game.

This new video shows more of the snow level in it. It gives some more details about the scale of the game. It seems that this game will be more flexible. Take for example the snowy Kazakhstan level. It will have players walking through a snow storm with a heartbeat detector. They will be locating enemies during one mission.

It also seems that players will move through stealthily or else they would go all out but have everyone alerted to their presence. It will let the gamers to decide about how they play the game.

The new screening technology of the game also makes it for bigger levels than before. It will be set apart from CoD4 by its levels like the mountains, slums, “underwater scuba based levels” and castle settings.

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‘Call of Duty’ is back in the title of MW2

May 9th, 2009

Good news for all CoD fans. At last a confirmation comes from Activision that the brand ‘Call of Duty’ is back in the title of CoD 4 sequel, Modern Warfare 2.

Michael Griffith, the Activision boss, recently said during its quarterly earnings call last night that he expects Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 to be the “must-have title of the year.”

Griffith also mentioned that when the first version of the Modern Warfare was introduced two years before, the game set a new bar for first person action games. The catalog sales for MW continued to be strong and till now has sold over 13 million units globally.

According to updates there has been no details leaked as yet, but expect mags full of new information to land around E3 – where the big reveal will be happening.

Meanwhile we have received very good response (comments) from all the readers upon the following two articles:

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Keep writing what you want in MW2 and what not so that it is not disappointing after Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is out on November 10.

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