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It’s only a rumor that MW2 may charge fee

July 6th, 2009

Recently there was a survey that suggested that the future Call of Duty games may charge a monthly fee. This news was something like a shock to all the fans of CoD series.


The developer of Call of Duty series, Infinity Ward, has assured fans after this news, which was flooded in the media that they won’t be paying for any subscription service in Modern Warfare 2. They said that they have nothing to do with the rumor and it is also implemented with Modern Warfare 2.

This was the message that was posted by Infinity Ward in their official forum:

“This rumor has absolutely nothing to do with Infinity Ward or our games, including Modern Warfare 2. We would never introduce such a system for Modern Warfare 2 so don’t worry. Multiplayer will always be equal and free for everyone as always.”

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2007 and 2008 CoD series were big hit. MW2 will also be

June 13th, 2009

The world knows and the gamers know it better that the biggest title of 2007 end was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This had a significant change in the Call of Duty series. Till now the game is played too much.


2008 was the return of the old conflict in the game, World War II. It was Call of Duty: World at War. Modern Warfare 2 is also expected to top in sales in the videogame industry after it is launched on November 10 this year.

Mike Griffith, the CEO of Activision Publishing, said recently that when Modern Warfare 1 was launched in the year 2007 then it had a substantial jump in consumers engaged in the CoD franchise. The CoD: World at War was launched in Holiday 2008 and it saw that more than a 5th purchasers were the first time users of CoD franchise. He explains further that Modern Warfare 2 will be having a ready purchasers.

Griffith also said, “We also look at Modern Warfare 2 and where it’s strongest on the next-gen platforms of PS3 and Xbox 360. The installed base from the first Modern Warfare to the second one will be nearly double.”

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Enemies will no more constantly respawn in MW2

May 21st, 2009

In Modern Warfare 2 fighting with terrorists is much easier than the original Modern Warfare. In it, enemies will no more constantly respawn as they had been doing in previous version of Call of Duty games.


We have seen in Call of Duty games that a constant stream of enemies would spawn and attack gamer character until he/she advanced or completed an objective. To this feature of the game, gamers always had mixed reactions.

Contrary to this, it also keeps the fight frantic and forces gamers to constantly be on the offensive. Moreover, to have enemy after enemy spilling out of a little hut is very artificial.

Recently the CCO of Infinity Ward, Jason West said, “We are aware of it and we’re actively trying to eliminate it.” He added further while briefing to Game Informer, “I think we agree that it’s not very good.”
It is many a time said earlier that MW2 will not be like its predecessor Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Even it will not bear the Call of Duty name. Now, if the spawn system is eliminated then it seems like it will distance Modern Warfare 2 from other COD series.

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