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Gun attachment for MW2

July 28th, 2010

We are well aware of the gun attachments that are available in the market for Wii, for the upcoming PlayStation Move motion controller and few more paid or free war games. Now, it is also being discussed about the shooter game Modern Warfare 2.

The company is on the way of offering to gamers a gun controller that is juat a replica of the functionality of the regular DualShock PS3 controller.

Well, it is of course a neat way to play Modern Warfare 2, but without any real aiming and shooting in fact in it beyond the use of the thumbsticks.

Not to forget that plastic guitars can take off for music games so why not the same can happen with plastic automatic weapons.

The attachment will cost $65 and it runs on two AA batteries, making shooting noises.

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Comprehensive list of weapons

November 3rd, 2009

The below is a comprehensive list of weapons, equipments, attachments, perks and camos of Modern Warfare 2. This may be a complete list of all important unlocks in the multiplayer.

The perks are now improved such as unlocking the camo for your weapons in the CoD4 game. Moreover, many perks here have 2 levels.

Primary Weapons

Assault Rifles
• M4A1 (default)
• FAMAS (lvl 4)
• SCAR-H (lvl 8)
• TAR-21 (lvl 20)
• FAL (lvl 28)
• M16A4 (lvl 40)
• ACR (lvl 48)
• F2000 (lvl 60)
• AK-47 (lvl 70)

Sub-Machine Guns
• MP5K (default)
• UMP45 (default)
• Vector (lvl 12)
• P90 (lvl 24)
• Mini-Uzi (lvl 44)

Light Machine Guns
• L86 LSW (beginning)
• RPD (beginning)
• MG4 (lvl 16)
• AUG HBAR (lvl 32)
• M240 (lvl 52)

Sniper Rifles
• Intervention (beginning)
• Barret .50cal (beginning)
• WA2000 (lvl 36)
• M21EBR (lvl 56)

Riot Shield (default)

Secondary Weapons

Machine Pistols
• PP2000 (default)
• G18 (lvl 22)
• M93 Raffica (lvl 38)
• TMP (lvl 58)

• SPAS-12 (default)
• AA-12 (lvl 18)
• Striker (lvl 34)
• Ranger (lvl 42)
• M1014 (lvl 54)
• Model 1887 (lvl 67)

• USP .45 (default)
• .44 Magnum (lvl 26)
• M9 (lvl 46)
• Desert Eagle (lvl 62)

• AT4-HS (default)
• Thumper x 2 (lvl 14)
• Stinger (lvl 30)
• Javelin (lvl 50)
• RPG-7 x 2 (lvl 65)

• Frag (default)
• Semtex (default)
• Throwing Knife (lvl 7)
• Tactical Insertion (lvl 11)
• Blast Shield (lvl 19)
• Claymore (lvl 31)
• C4 (lvl 43)

• Grenade Launcher
• Red Dot Sight
• Silencer
• ACOG Scope
• Shotgun
• Holographic Sight
• Heartbeat Sensor
• Thermal
• Extended Mag

Special Grenades
• Flash Grenade x 2
• Stun Grenade x 2
• Smoke Grenade x 1

• Copycat (default)
• Painkiller (lvl 6)
• Martyrdom (lvl 27)
• Final Stand (lvl 39)


Perk 1
• Marathon (default)
• Sleight of Hand (default)
• Scavenger (lvl 13)
• Bling (lvl 21)
• One Man Army (lvl 45)

Perk 2
• Stopping Power (default)
• Lightweight (default)
• Hardline (lvl 9)
• Cold Blooded (lvl 25)
• Danger Close (lvl 33)

Perk 3
• Steady Aim (default)
• Scrambler (lvl 17)
• Ninja (lvl 29)
• SitRep (lvl 37)
• Last Stand (lvl 41)

• Desert
• Artic
• Woodland
• Digital
• Urban
• Blue Tiger
• Red Tiger
• Fall

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Confirmed MW2 Weapons List

September 12th, 2009

What’s your favorite sniper rifle to use in Call of Duty 4?

May 13th, 2009

How many of you enjoy using the sniper rifle? I was never much of a fan, not because I don’t enjoy using the sniper rifle but because unless you actually spend some time practicing with it then the only way you can get any kills is by camping. If there is one thing I hate in COD, it’s camping. So that’s basically the reason I never snipe. For whatever reason I have decided it’s time to start sniping and practicing.

I made a video of my “training”. I went into Killhouse that had less than 7 people. Figure if you’re in a smaller map it forces you to act faster when sniping which is pretty much the hard part of sniping. Anyone can go camp someplace and pick people off, good snipers can let themselves be fairly out in the open and get some kills. For my training game I usually sat atop one of the little huts in Killhouse so that people could see me but I could also duck behind that little wall if I needed to.

There was a guy in there named |E2|Zero and we were sniping back and fourth for most of the time which was pretty fun.

So what is your favorite sniper rifle to use? Mine favorite gun is the M40A. You really can’t beat the power and accuracy of the M40 in my opinion. However, I will say I love using the 50cal when in tighter areas where enemies can run up on you because it has awesome semi-auto noscoping ability.

The R700 seems to take a long time to reset after taking a shot, dunno if it’s my imagination or reality. It does have tons of power but that reset time kills it for me.

When I first started playing Call of Duty I loved the Dragunov and the M21 because of their quick fire ability, now days I don’t care for them because they lack power and accuracy.

How about the ACOG? Anyone like the ACOG? I never really learned to like or use that scope but I have seen some good sniping with it. There is a guy I play with in S&D servers by the name of “Mb@pewp” or something, who seems to do very well with the M40A/ACOG.

Here is the training video I made last night, not bad considering I don’t hardly ever use a sniper rifle. I’m going to upload another one after I practice sniping for couple months and I’ll be able to compare the two and see if I got any better.

I’m trying to figure out the little jerk/twitch thing for increasing accuracy. I don’t know how consoles work but on the PC if you make a slight jerk or twitch to one side before or after your shot, it will dramatically increase your accuracy. Go check out a promod server and spec some of those players when they snipe, it can be a beautiful thing to watch when done correctly.

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