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Do you have a favorite COD4 multiplayer server? If so, share it with us…

September 12th, 2009

If you’re like most people you have a “home” server or a server that you play on regularly. Sometimes it’s because the general skill level of the people who play there is about equal to your skill level, maybe it’s because you like the rules on that server(no marty, no claymores, no bunny hopping, ETC), or maybe it’s some other reason.

I’m always looking for fun servers to play on so I figured why not make a post and ask people to link to their favorite servers. In the comments link to your favorite server(s) and list what kind of server it is too S&D, TDM, HC, SC, and so on.

Personally I like S&D SC servers. Many servers don’t allow Marty or toobs but I don’t really care about that, my main concern are the maps the server has in rotation and if it’s HC or SC, I will not play on HC servers…ever.

I had been playing on eGO’s S&D server but the strict language rules turned me off, the final star came when I got warned for saying “WTF”. I mean we are playing a game where the goal is to KILL people. Even the characters in the game use some foul language yet I’m getting in trouble for saying “WTF”? Lol, no thanks.

I’ve recently been playing on raov server. I like this server because they don’t allow 3 x Frags and since I like to rush a lot this is very benificial for me. Not only that but you can say whatever you want in the server except for racist words. I like all the maps they have in rotation except for one and the people that go on there are usually pretty cool.

Here is the server info for raov:

List your favorite server(s) in the comments! And don’t forget to check back here when the release of MW2 nears as we will have atleast 1 MW2 server.


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What’s your favorite sniper rifle to use in Call of Duty 4?

May 13th, 2009

How many of you enjoy using the sniper rifle? I was never much of a fan, not because I don’t enjoy using the sniper rifle but because unless you actually spend some time practicing with it then the only way you can get any kills is by camping. If there is one thing I hate in COD, it’s camping. So that’s basically the reason I never snipe. For whatever reason I have decided it’s time to start sniping and practicing.

I made a video of my “training”. I went into Killhouse that had less than 7 people. Figure if you’re in a smaller map it forces you to act faster when sniping which is pretty much the hard part of sniping. Anyone can go camp someplace and pick people off, good snipers can let themselves be fairly out in the open and get some kills. For my training game I usually sat atop one of the little huts in Killhouse so that people could see me but I could also duck behind that little wall if I needed to.

There was a guy in there named |E2|Zero and we were sniping back and fourth for most of the time which was pretty fun.

So what is your favorite sniper rifle to use? Mine favorite gun is the M40A. You really can’t beat the power and accuracy of the M40 in my opinion. However, I will say I love using the 50cal when in tighter areas where enemies can run up on you because it has awesome semi-auto noscoping ability.

The R700 seems to take a long time to reset after taking a shot, dunno if it’s my imagination or reality. It does have tons of power but that reset time kills it for me.

When I first started playing Call of Duty I loved the Dragunov and the M21 because of their quick fire ability, now days I don’t care for them because they lack power and accuracy.

How about the ACOG? Anyone like the ACOG? I never really learned to like or use that scope but I have seen some good sniping with it. There is a guy I play with in S&D servers by the name of “Mb@pewp” or something, who seems to do very well with the M40A/ACOG.

Here is the training video I made last night, not bad considering I don’t hardly ever use a sniper rifle. I’m going to upload another one after I practice sniping for couple months and I’ll be able to compare the two and see if I got any better.

I’m trying to figure out the little jerk/twitch thing for increasing accuracy. I don’t know how consoles work but on the PC if you make a slight jerk or twitch to one side before or after your shot, it will dramatically increase your accuracy. Go check out a promod server and spec some of those players when they snipe, it can be a beautiful thing to watch when done correctly.

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Looking for a U.S. based game server company to sponsor us.

March 31st, 2009

Between this site and we get over 200k unique visitors per month, we are looking for a game hosting company that can give us a COD4 server and when it’s time, a couple COD6 servers. In exchange, you can get on the blogroll as well as a blog post thanking your company for sponsoring us with a link back to your site with your desired anchor text. You can also have an ingame scroll if you so choose. If you’re interested, you can email me at

Screen shots of traffic stats will be sent upon request.

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So it looks like the “leaked modern warfare 2 details” was a hoax

March 10th, 2009

>> discuss it more in the forum <<

I’m sure most of you that have been following the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 2 saw the recent hoopla about some of the details being leaked. It’s looking more and more like some kid just made it all up. We can’t say for sure that it’s 100% BS though because in Infinity Wards denial of the “leaked info” they didn’t say it was ALL fake, but they said “we can’t comment on what is and isn’t real information”, So apparently some of it is indeed real but the question is, how much of it? And if some of it is real, where did this kid get it? Did he just make stuff up and got lucky with a few of his dreams?

Eh, who knows.

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What is your favorite weapon setup on COD4?

February 23rd, 2009

I have 3 total and I play SC S&D 99% of my COD4 life.

My #1 favorite setup is:

Silenced Scorpion / Silenced M9

  • Claymore
  • Stopping Power
  • Extreme Conditioning

In case you didn’t know, the scorpion is sort of glitched. You can basically use the silenced scorpion as an automatic assault rifle and the accuracy is as good as the M16 if not better. If you can see the enemy you can literally kill him from across the map. The gun really kicks ass.

AK47 / Desert Eagle

  • Stun x3
  • Stopping
  • Steady AIM

M40A3 / Desert Eagle

  • Claymore
  • Stopping
  • Iron Lungs

So there are my setups, I don’t usually use the sniper rifle because I’m not good with it. I have been trying to practice with it lately and get better. I know there’s a method to sniping that envolves moving just before you take the shot and since I’m not in a clan I have never really had anyone to teach me but I’m starting to get the hang of it. Usually I just stil with the scorpion or the AK.

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Am I the only one who thinks Treyarch sucks?

January 11th, 2009

Sometimes I wonder if I’m in the minority when it comes to hating Treyarch. I haven’t been to a COD forum for sometime now, last time I was on one everyone had just found out Treyarch was making COD5 and they were expressing their disgust not only for Treyarch but for WW2 as well. It was pretty clear the community wanted another modern warfare, I wonder whos idea it was to basically say FU to the community and make another WW2 theme against the majority of our wishes?

You may be asking “what’s your beef with cod5?” Allow me to name a few of the things off…

  1. After updating the servers list, you have to actually close down the game and reload it otherwise you can’t enter a server because of the famous “server authentication error”. I can see having some bugs when the game first comes out, but the game has been out now for months and the browser is STILL broken. What kind of preschool company would allow such a huge bug to remain without patching it?
  2. The sound. I think no explanation is needed.
  3. Search & Destroy can’t determine the actual winner. Say you’re playing S&D to 7 and one team has 7 and the other has 0, if the losing team wins the final match they win the whole thing. Perhaps this is something that should have been fixed in the first patch? I mean no rush, just one of your game modes is completely broken, take your time Treyarch.
  4. Auto-climb was annoying in COD4 but it was just something everyone had to accept. In COD5 you CONSTANTLY find yourself getting hung up on stupid crap. For example sometimes you will be running through a field and all the sudden your forward movement stops and you’re trying to figure out what’s happening only to look down and see you’re “caught” on a little rock or stick. In COD4 this isn’t a problem because the game would simply let you walk over or around this small object.

I could go on but what’s the point? Treyarch doesn’t care because they’re too busy counting the money they made off of us. What about Activision? You think they will reward Treyarch with another COD title after this one? I would hope not. They should have never taken the rights away from IW to begin with. Why would you look at the huge sucess of COD4 and then turn around and give the next title dev rights to Treyarch after IW did such a good job?

I should say that it’s not ALL bad from Treyarch. They added the friends option which is cool. The prestige option like COD4 consoles had was cool until the power rank servers came out which totally ruined the whole idea. Other than those two thinks I can’t honestly say I like anything else about it. I’ve already become sick of COD5 and gone back to COD4. Bad part is I installed Windows 7 yesterday and found out that COD4 and Windows 7 don’t get along so I’m forced to play COD5. It’s actually Punkbuster that doesn’t work with Windows 7 but don’t even get me started on how worthless Punkbuster is, they’re worse than Treyarch.


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