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DLC pricing addressed by the studio

March 28th, 2010

Robert Bowling, the community manager of Infinity Ward, maintained optimistic tone while addressing the morale at the studio of MW2 after the dismissal of its two top executives and also a subsequent lawsuit against Activision.
Bowling said in an interview that it’s “business as usual” at the studio as the company prepares to release first batch of downloadable content for the game.

On the website Bowling said, “Right now morale is high, because we’re really excited to get this DLC out. Any time we’re just about to launch something out to the community, morale boosts up, because you’re excited to see what your players think of it, and to watch them get on there and see what tactics they come up with.”

The two top executives who were expelled were former Infinity Ward execs Jason West and Vince Zampella. The two sued Activision for breach of contract and are now seeking $36 million along with the rights to all Modern Warfare branded titles.

However, Activision calls this lawsuit as “meritless.”

The upcoming DLC is called Stimulus Package and Bowling defended its price tag to be $15.

He said, “I think from a content standpoint, anyone who is playing Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer and is dedicating a lot of hours to it is definitely going to get their money’s worth from this map pack.”

The DLC features 5 multiplayer maps that includes the two from 2007′s Call of Duty 4. By next week it will be available on Xbox 360.

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Stimulus pack is tagged high price says some

March 27th, 2010

Next week the downloadable Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack will hit the Xbox 360 and it will bring with it 5 new maps.
Recently the founders of Activision owned Infinity Ward were fired. The allegations was there that royalties were being withheld by the publisher and the two of them were insubordinate to their parent company.

Well, the internal upheaval and also the lawsuits have not managed to impact the team.

Robert Bowling said, “Not at all, our main focus as a team here at Infinity Ward is this pack. We want to focus on making the games we love.”

On the other side the Stimulus Pack has brought a bit of its own controversy. Many claims that the price is too steep of it for what is being delivered in actual.

It costs $15 and it will hit the market on March 30. For the PS3 it will be available in the market by April 30.

Three new maps are included in the pack, “Bailout,” a multi-level apartment complex; “Storm,” an open industrial park littered with heavy machinery; “Salvage,” a snowy junkyard fortified by stacked debris and crushed cars.

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MW2 ‘Stimulus Package’ DLC Screens

March 26th, 2010

Recently Activision released screenshots that shows the first downloadable content for Modern Warfare 2, which is due on March 30 on Xbox 360. The five new screens gives you a glance at the five new maps which will be available when the DLC arrives.

If we speak technically then there are only three new maps – Bailout, Storm and Salvage. The Crash and Overgrown maps mark a return from CoD4.

The ‘Stimulus Package’ of MW 2 will come at a price of 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) and it will be initially available for the Xbox360. The PS3 and PC editions will follow soon.

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The gadget show of Modern Warfare 2

March 20th, 2010

Modern Warfare 2 second best selling in UK

March 16th, 2010

Modern Warfare 2 became the second best selling game in the UK chart. It has beaten the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas of Rockstar.
ELSPA gfk Chart-Track says that MW2 is just behind Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training game of Nintendo on Nintendo DS. Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training has been ranked as the most popular game of all time in UK.

Released just last year in November this sixth series of Call Of Duty got a huge success across the world.

According to Activision, 14 million copies have been sold of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 worldwide and it brought the company a revenue of almost £665m.

On March 30 the company is releasing the first downloadable content of the game in multiplayer aspect. It is named as the Stimulus Pack. This pack will enable 5 new maps for players and it will cost £10.20 (1200 Microsoft Points). The PC and PS3 gamers need to wait for the pack. It will be released later.

The second expansion of the game has also been confirmed by Activision for 2010.

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DLC coming of MW2 and for BBC2 too

March 14th, 2010

There was an announcement made recently by Infinity Ward that they are coming up with downloadable content for Modern Warfare 2 by March 30. The promises are yet to come but the developer of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 countered it a day before by making announcement of launching the DLC of its product. Not only this, it will be launched on the same day and it is absolutely free for the VIP members.
The DLC of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 unlocks the Laguna Presa Rush and the Arica Harbor Conquest Modes as two separate maps with its respective game modes. The maps will be made available for Xbox 360 game and PS3 copy holders who had downloaded the VIP codes.

One question which comes to mind here that will the BBC2 DLC take on the superpower MW2? Not to forget, both the games are praised equally for individual multiplayer game modes.

The DLC of MW2 is referred as “mapathy”.

Let us check what DICE has written on its official blog:

“We’re dedicated to taking care of this product for a long time – helping you avoid “mapathy” without getting nickel-and-dimed.”

Well, the word “mapathy” could not be found anywhere on the Infinity Ward’s official site.

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Lawsuit for Activision

March 7th, 2010

When the two top executives of Activision, who were responsible for the success of Modern Warfare 2 that helped in generating $1 Billion, were expelled by the Company last Monday, everybody was expecting a lawsuit. As predicted, the suit came on Wednesday, and it could have repercussion for publisher and contestants.

Jason West and Vince Zampella are in a process of suing Activision for unfair decision and looking for $36 Million.

They also declare that, no such game with name of Modern Warfare cab be published without their written permission.

In reply, Activision has called the suit meritless and consider itself right in dismissing West and Zampella due to their misconduct and behavior and announced that it will keep on releasing thrilling and inventive game.

But if West and Zampella proved themselves right, they are going to put Activision’s most precious franchise in danger.

Call of Duty holds over $3 Billion sale till date and Modern warfare has been pronounced the top selling game of 2009.

Even Activision keeps hold of game, there is always a danger that the development team of infinity ward might join West and Zampella in new project.

The matter will be settled amongst the Company executives they will be beneficial in terms of money for West and Zarnpella

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